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I got turned onto frozen pancakes

March 26, 2024 02:19AM
Which I just keep in the fridge.. 1 minute in the microwave and VOILA - dinner or breakfast or lunch is served.. and they are surprisingly good.. especially the texture, which I thought would suck..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  510 straight days of 10,000 steps ends tomorrow.

Ramgator54March 24, 2024 05:16PM

  Drink your prep juice 20 steps..

sstrams28March 25, 2024 02:46AM

  If it's like my last one 7 years ago.......

Ramgator27March 25, 2024 04:27AM

  I take my first swig of the Blast Off Potion in about 6 hours......

Ramgator28March 25, 2024 04:31AM

  I'm having a big ol fat steak tonight..

sstrams24March 25, 2024 01:38PM

  Re: I'm having a big ol fat steak tonight.. Attachments

Ramgator23March 25, 2024 01:59PM


Ramgator14March 25, 2024 02:01PM

  I actually just had pancakes..

sstrams19March 25, 2024 02:22PM

  I never cared for Breakfast at night. Ironically.....

Ramgator21March 25, 2024 05:28PM

  I can eat breakfast food for every meal....

JamesJM33March 25, 2024 06:15PM

  My after show meal has always been..

sstrams27March 26, 2024 02:22AM

  I got turned onto frozen pancakes

sstrams15March 26, 2024 02:19AM

  What time is your anal probe, gator?

sstrams22March 26, 2024 02:24AM

  Starts at Noon!

Ramgator13March 26, 2024 04:12AM

  Well,you're probably gettingbent over right now..

sstrams16March 26, 2024 07:02AM

  Talk about me having an attitude! I really........showed my a$$!! LOL

Ramgator25March 26, 2024 09:46AM

  Glad to hear you're ok..

sstrams30March 26, 2024 10:05AM

  Anesthetics..... I asked this before, not sure any of you knew....

JamesJM23March 26, 2024 01:02PM

  I think it's Versed..

sstrams18March 26, 2024 01:37PM

  I was OUT! How out was I?????

Ramgator23March 26, 2024 03:49PM

  I'll bet they gave you more than what was recommended..

sstrams15March 26, 2024 04:42PM

  Re: Anesthetics..... I asked this before, not sure any of you knew....

waterfield19March 27, 2024 03:14PM