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My Golf simulator arrived today....

February 06, 2024 06:12PM
Most of it, I mean. I have not as yet received the projector which is scheduled for the 10th to the 15th.

I will be setting it up before the projector arrives, however. For you golfers - I got the Rapsodo 2 Pro. Not sure it's the best one, (for an equivalent price), but after researching it has most of the features I wanted.

Tomorrow I'll break it in..... without the projector you get a visual readout on your phone.... with the projector it displays the golf hole on a 10' X 10' screen that you hit into (and that hopefully can handle real golf balls).

The big question is: "Will it improve my golf game?"...... that's one huge question but unfortunately, before even using it, I know the answer - "no, it won't"....

So why buy, you're asking yourself because you are wise. The answer - because it's fun. laughing smiley

  My Golf simulator arrived today....

JamesJM47February 06, 2024 06:12PM