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Don't know...

February 05, 2024 03:33AM
but I do know Air Fry is the only way to go.... better for nearly everything you cook in an oven. The new oven we put in is a combo - Convection/Air Fry/Steam... used Air Fry for the first time last night - Salmon - and it's every bit as good as the small countertop air fry oven we had been using.

  Air Fryers

SeattleRam68February 05, 2024 02:28AM

  Don't know...

JamesJM18February 05, 2024 03:33AM

  I have one..

sstrams18February 05, 2024 03:41AM

  Gourmia 7-Quart Digital Air Fryer

ramBRO18February 05, 2024 06:40PM