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November 19, 2023 06:28PM
I use to be a huge NBA fan. (Always a Laker fan)
But growing up there wasn't many games to watch during the season (60s-70s) but once playoffs started I got to watch it.
Then 79 happened, Larry Bird went to school about 20 minutes from where I live. I had to listen to so much Bird this & Bird that I got tired of it & didn't really like it.
I've always been a Big 10 fan so I got to watch Magic play allot & really liked him.
Then the draft happened & Bird went to the hated Celtics & Magic went to the Lakers...... I was in heaven
Won allot of money..lol

You couldn't possibly know the whole story with only half the facts.

  I'm officially and NBA fan....

JamesJM43November 19, 2023 02:53PM


ScRAM13November 19, 2023 06:28PM