September 16, 2023 05:50AM
WOO= World of Outlaws. Wow the show these guys put on. PLUS - best Star Spangled Banner rendition by a 13yr old girl I've ever heard. And I swear... the 4 wide traditional salute to the fans never fails to bring a tear to my eye... even more special because I have found my auto racing partner... my granddaughter:

She takes after her Papa... Auto Racing (live) is KING! She loves it as much as me... or close anyway.

One hell of a night... good racing, lots of action.... plus all the people around us were the best... made friends with many. The lady sitting next to my granddaughter was a mother of one of the drivers.... that, obviously, gave my granddaughter a driver to root for... he finished 2nd in the Main Event so excitement was at a peak.

Then there was this. Been telling my grandkids an auto racing story since they've been alive. Many years ago, before any of my grandkids was born, I was at WOO (same track we were at last night) and it was the most action filled race EVER.... Cars getting upside down all night.... THEN.... a sprint car was headed down the stretch and ran up the right rear of the sprint car ahead.... launching him. And when I say 'launch' I mean LAUNCH.... cleared the retaining fence going into turn 1, (no stands in that area), flipped twice in the air and landed in a tree.... yes, you read that right... IN a tree! My grandkids have always been dubious of that story. Until last night. laughing smiley

The husband of the lady I just mentioned, that was sitting next to my granddaughter (right in front of me,) told my granddaughter, "We were here many years ago and saw a car flip off the track and land in that tree down there". laughing smiley My granddaughters reaction, "OH MY GOD.... MY PAPA WAS THERE THAT NIGHT"... then introduced me to them. It was ON... we told all our old auto racing stories we had witnessed here in the San Joaquin valley since the 50's.

Went thru $40 worth of "Kettle Korn"... saw more action that I can list here... made friends... it don't get no better. laughing smiley

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JamesJM114September 16, 2023 05:50AM