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Look at this art by a young local girl...

September 11, 2023 07:37AM

She took a hole puncher then punched out various colors from various sources.... then took each individual color she had punched out and pasted them together to create this.... ummm, whatever this type of art would be called.

I could never, ever, not even with two lifetimes of instructions, do this.

  Look at this art by a young local girl... Attachments

JamesJM75September 11, 2023 07:37AM

  Dot Painting

txramfan30September 13, 2023 06:39AM

  Whoa, yeah.... I had forgotten about that...

JamesJM32September 13, 2023 07:07AM

  A friend since high school

txramfan29September 13, 2023 08:34AM

  That's cool because bitmap photos..

sstrams28September 13, 2023 08:07AM


LesBaker25September 13, 2023 02:03PM

  I sometimes wish I had followed up with Art / Drawings

Ramgator24September 13, 2023 02:34PM