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SST...... Here's a HAPPY dog story.

May 17, 2023 09:08AM
On Facebook, I follow a page for my old neighborhood. People are ALWAYS posting about missing or found animals. About 11 days ago, I saw a post about a small white dog that was missing. Several days went by and I just had not been on that page. The night before last, I saw that he was still missing. Several people had seen him but he is a runner. Yesterday, a lady had taken it upon herself to track him. She asked any and everyone who was in the surrounding areas of his last sighting to post it. Around 10 AM, on my way to the Beach, I figured I'd give it a look. Low n behold, I SAW HIM. He IS a HELLUVA runner when approached. SEVERAL posters had said they were scared of chasing him into one of THREE nearby VERY busy streets. I posted my location and time. Later yesterday afternoon, another poster had him sighted ACROSS the busier of the three main roads (That dog was VERY VERY lucky to cross that one!) The lady doing the main search ALMOST had him last night. This morning, she went back to the same area and there he was, just 2 blocks away. SHE GOT HIM! He's is back with his owner and back INSIDE. The owner is a partially disabled person who could not give chase.

  SST...... Here's a HAPPY dog story.

Ramgator35May 17, 2023 09:08AM

  That's really cool, Gator..

sstrams14May 17, 2023 09:15AM