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Yeah, I do too..

May 15, 2023 03:36AM
Its not the dog's fault he was raised by a human to be aggressive to other dogs or people.. People can argue its not the owner's fault cuz the dog will do what he does - BUT the owner, by then, should know the animal's characteristics and have him in a muzzle or at LEAST a leash.. This owner did none of those things..

So, the dog will be euthanized because of how a human raised him, and the human will go scot-free with maybe a small fine.. My guess is potentially the same owner may be in the same type situation in a few months or years..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Happy Mother's Day!

JamesJM90May 14, 2023 07:42AM

  Not to spoil the festivities..

sstrams50May 14, 2023 08:03AM

  Re: Not to spoil the festivities..

JamesJM52May 14, 2023 08:17AM

  It was an..

sstrams68May 14, 2023 08:22AM

  Ok, I was misinformed of the breed..

sstrams73May 14, 2023 03:17PM

  Bowls and toys are almost harder than the animals themselves.

Ramgator51May 14, 2023 04:10PM

  I really liked their dog..

sstrams54May 14, 2023 04:26PM

  Re: I really liked their dog..

MamaRAMa73May 14, 2023 05:09PM

  Animal Control..

sstrams40May 14, 2023 05:25PM

  Sounds like nobody is gonna win. I actually feel sorry for the dog that attacked.

Ramgator41May 15, 2023 03:02AM

  Yeah, I do too..

sstrams38May 15, 2023 03:36AM

  The other dog..

sstrams44May 15, 2023 09:22AM

  GEESH!!! All the reason the two cats we have now are indoor cats.

Ramgator42May 15, 2023 10:35AM

  They were all indoor dogs, so not sure what happened..

sstrams39May 15, 2023 10:42AM

  Re: The other dog..

MamaRAMa41May 15, 2023 11:03AM

  It hasn't been easy...

sstrams61May 15, 2023 01:41PM