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My golf game has gone to hell.....

March 14, 2023 04:26AM
Taking... ummmm,15, maybe 20 years off has set me back further than square one. Ah well. laughing smiley

with diligence I think I can get back more consistency, and accuracy... distance however is gone forever. I can live with less distance if I can get more accurate, however.

My grandsons, just learning so a lot of bad shots, when connecting were driving it right at 300yds. That's far. Very far. My very best might have reached 270 but I'm probably averaging only about 245.

My short game - I don't want to talk about it... banghead other than maybe putting which was not good but not horrible either.

Summation - After being away from the game for so long I knew my game would be bad... not as bad as it was but I did hit just enough good/decent shots to know that if I get back at it I can improve a lot, and perhaps semi-quickly. Next step:

Stick to the driving range... stay off the course. laughing smiley Perhaps less frustration that way.... and a lot fewer lost balls (none laughing smiley ).

  My golf game has gone to hell.....

JamesJM150March 14, 2023 04:26AM

  How do you even see the ball..

sstrams76March 14, 2023 04:51AM

  It's easy....

JamesJM72March 14, 2023 07:24AM

  Speaking of colored balls..

sstrams68March 14, 2023 08:02AM

  Irrational but very real...

JamesJM60March 14, 2023 08:21AM

  I always used a yellow..

sstrams73March 14, 2023 08:25AM

  Golf doesn't require patience....

JamesJM53March 14, 2023 09:16AM

  I can do both of those really well..

sstrams59March 14, 2023 09:19AM