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Re: that would rent for $3000 in California

March 15, 2023 02:12AM
We watch some of the HGTV shows and they'll show a small house maybe 1000 square feet give or take on a regular or maybe slightly larger lot...

In my home town in Oklahoma, it would sell probably for $60,000.... maybe $70 or $80 thousand in a really strong market...

It will cost a half million when they buy it, then they'll spend $300,000 renovating it, and estimate the value after renovation at a million dollars. Blows my mind.

~Sign of the Rams

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Ramgator87March 11, 2023 01:34PM

  that would rent for $3000 in California

ferragamo7925March 12, 2023 03:51PM

  Re: that would rent for $3000 in California

Aries31March 15, 2023 02:12AM