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January 16, 2023 09:46AM
Probably not a good topic starter? laughing smiley But I'm not sure if this post is about dancing or video games.

My daughters, and granddaughter... have this video 'game'? I would call it a game but I'm not sure it is.... I think workout video may be more accurate... like a Richard Simmons workout video but with differences. You dance the moves you see on screen in front of a thinga-ma-jig... (a device that sees and registers your motions).... and THEN, you get 'judged' and receive a score..... so I think it's a game/workout video. But here's my point:

My daughters and granddaughter took dancing lessons almost since birth. Good reason, my sister is a dance instructor. They can now accomplish something that utterly amazes me. They can watch a dance routine, while dancing along, and memorize it completely on ONE go through - - they have it down pat. And I'm not talking ONE routine here, or even two, not even 6. Dozens of them!

And these are NOT simple routines.... like "Step up Step Down Step Up Step Down.. etc etc etc" for a minute then move on. (ala Richard Simmons). They are full dance routines.... I don't know, 50 different moves for each 'song'?

BTW, no, I don't participate. First of all I'm too lazy. Second of all I can't memorize the 3 steps to change the wallpaper on my phone. Thirdly - by not participating I can maintain my decree that "if I did participate" I would win, easily. - JamesJM


JamesJM160January 16, 2023 09:46AM

  Perfect excuse..

sstrams92January 16, 2023 09:59AM

  You a big step ahead of me....

JamesJM69January 16, 2023 10:12AM

  Actually I didn't know that..

sstrams71January 16, 2023 10:21AM

  I dance GREAT. Here's a very brief clip. Attachments

Ramgator66January 16, 2023 01:45PM

  Exactly what I expected..

sstrams55January 16, 2023 02:04PM

  LOLOL That clip...

Ramgator56January 16, 2023 02:14PM

  Yeah, same here..

sstrams89January 16, 2023 02:21PM