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I'll take a shot...

December 20, 2022 07:56PM
... with some newbies. here it goes.

Chiefs, Jags, Cowboys and Detroit.

Go Rams!!

The Legend

One of One.... The GOAT


  Everyone's final four???

Ramgator198December 20, 2022 06:10PM

  I'll take a shot... Attachments

THE FANATIC198December 20, 2022 07:56PM

  That photo of Youngblood. Put 2 n 2 together and...

Ramgator52December 21, 2022 05:03AM

  Re: Everyone's final four???

dodgerram100December 20, 2022 10:16PM

  I go along with that one

NewMexicoRam131December 21, 2022 03:40AM

  Re: I go along with that one

RAMSINCE ARNETT68December 21, 2022 03:47AM

  Ok, after having to look it up..

sstrams60December 21, 2022 05:20AM