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12/19 Green Bay weather forecast per weather.com

December 12, 2022 04:33PM
7 degrees F at night
24% chance of snow
wind 9 mph
all things considered, not that bad.
could be a lot worse
but definitely not LA weather.

  I want SNOW at Lambeau!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator280December 12, 2022 11:29AM

  You're drunk..

sstrams223December 12, 2022 11:38AM

  You misunderstood!

Ramgator84December 12, 2022 03:02PM

  Well, I figured you wanted the win..

sstrams61December 12, 2022 03:08PM

  That's why the 89 Wildcard at Philly is a favorite of mine.

Ramgator45December 12, 2022 03:23PM

  Look: Mile High Stadium covered in snow before Rams-Broncos Attachments

Ramsdude132December 12, 2022 03:34PM

  We were at that game....TGIII closed it out for the win...

roman1846December 13, 2022 04:03AM

  Hmmm....I believe GB lost the last time they played in snow

NewMexicoRam42December 12, 2022 03:53PM

  Re: I want SNOW at Lambeau!!!!!!!!!

george_allen51December 12, 2022 04:19PM

  12/19 Green Bay weather forecast per weather.com

ramzilla107December 12, 2022 04:33PM

  If I went to that game...

JamesJM102December 12, 2022 04:50PM

  Here's mine.. Attachments

sstrams71December 12, 2022 05:06PM

  13 degrees at kickoff...

LMU9341December 13, 2022 03:28AM

  By any chance, does anyone recall the Patriots at Broncos....1978? I think??

Ramgator46December 13, 2022 02:06AM

  Gone to a few games with snow either on .....

roman1846December 13, 2022 03:44AM