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Re: 2016 to 2017 OL

November 29, 2022 07:44AM
Thinking back to when McVay arrived and the changes they made specifically to the OL that offseason.

They went from (2016):
LT Robinson
LG Saffold
C- Barnes
RG Wichmann
RT Havenstein

to (2017):
LT Whitworth
LG Saffold
C Sullivan
RG Brown
RT Havenstein

They replaced 3 starters. Really, no team can do more than that. But a couple things stood out. One, they upgraded their absolute lowest performer (Robinson) with a high-performer (Whitworth). And two, one of the three new starters was already on the team (Brown, who had started 14 games over 2015 and 2016).

I can see similar for 2022. Let's say Jackson is the guy in the Jamon Brown role that becomes a full-time starter. Then you replace two other spots (LG absolutely being one of them). I think a lot depends on Allen's health the rest of the way. Can they feel good about him coming back? Or is Shelton the guy they pencil in at center with an eye on also drafting a center on Day Two in April?

Whitworth was key here. Not only did he serve as a great security blanket for Goff's left side, he anchored that entire line (i.e. as long as he was out there, there was an acceptable level of performance in the event another player/position went down). He and Saffold were quite a tandem. I also think that Brown was underrated as a road-grader (if he could've only stayed away from that weed!).

I think that we're in a similar situation today where we might already have some pieces. We just need that "glue" guy.

I don't think that Havs is it.

Noteboom is a decent player, but I don't trust his availability.

Jackson and Shelton are capable role players. Have to wait and see on Bruss.

But I don't think that stabilizer is in the building today.

  2016 to 2017 OL

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