November 23, 2022 02:13PM
He's no Warner. More of a Nick Foles or possibly Matt Ryan type.

But at this point I'd trust him for a stretch of several games moreso than our current backups once he gets acclimated to his receivers and the playbook.

He's about the same dimensions as Brady, so he can at least see down the field. There's one play on the tapes in the original post that shows eyes down field for about six or seven seconds while he scrambles, looking for an open spot to throw from - he's not a first-read-and-take-off "running" QB but knows when to do it, according to one interview.

Hmm.... maybe, with coaching and further development... interesting to speculate what his ceiling might be. For now I'm interested to see what-is.

  What I learned about Chef Cookus

mtramfan387November 23, 2022 01:31PM

  Re: What I learned about Chef Cookus

Classicalwit110November 23, 2022 01:39PM

  What imagination?

mtramfan115November 23, 2022 01:59PM

  Re: What I learned about Chef Cookus

Thirtymac, The Intrepid Ram98November 23, 2022 01:51PM

  Re: Lightning in a bottle? One can only hope, but...

mtramfan75November 23, 2022 02:13PM

  Fun fact of this thread

Ekern5572November 23, 2022 03:13PM

  Saw the Chef on the Cooking Channel!!!!!

ferragamo7963November 23, 2022 04:28PM

  If we are going to dream is he Warner II?

David Deacon64November 24, 2022 04:26AM