November 22, 2022 06:38PM
Warning: these are short lists.

On Offense:

Williams (at lest significant snaps)

That’s it for my ‘bank it’ list on O.

On Defense:


That’s it for my list of sure starters on D.

On ST are the usual suspects:


So, I foresee lots of turnover and fierce competition next offseason.Some notable players were not included in above lists because contract terms may prevent Rams from keeping them.

I think I can safely say that Snead/McVay will be taking a HARD look at all but the above 10 players as to whether they deserve to be in the ‘23 Ram plans. They’re gonna be ruthless. I think they’ve already started with Hendo, Hollins, and Blanton.They simply have no other choice.

I applaud them if they do that. It’s the ONLY way to get this roster back on track for a SB run.

  Few players are on my ‘Sure-to-start’ list for 2023…

Rams43177November 22, 2022 06:38PM

  I might add that the asst coaches are gonna get scrutinized closely, too…

Rams4368November 22, 2022 06:42PM

  Re: Few players are on my ‘Sure-to-start’ list for 2023…

Ramstien67November 23, 2022 04:06AM

  Re: Few players are on my ‘Sure-to-start’ list for 2023…

303059November 23, 2022 04:11AM

  Re: Few players are on my ‘Sure-to-start’ list for 2023…

Rams4374November 23, 2022 07:29AM

  Williams has 8 carries

ferragamo79100November 23, 2022 07:27AM

  Re: Williams has 8 carries

David Deacon92November 23, 2022 08:10AM

  Re: Williams has 8 carries

Rams4356November 24, 2022 06:44AM