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Hopeful, but something is wrong

November 06, 2022 10:54AM
Rams have a soft schedule the next 3 weeks...

Bucs, Cards, Saints.

Win these 3 and they are back in the mix. Especially with the hardest schedule in the NFL turning out to be not so strong... Packers, Raiders, chargers, etc... not quite the jugurnots. Side note, our 4 losses were to the top 3 defensive lines when our O'line couldn't stop a high school football team.

So I'm still in, but something is up.

Akers rift with McVay, now he is basically asking the RB coach to mediate?
Van Jefferson no targets.
Misuse of Robinson for 6 straight weeks.
Kupp injured in garbage time and "shuks, we'll fix that"
Tutu catches a bomb, but now he's too small to play??

There are some skeletons in our closet that are not being said that appear to be bigger problems than the injuries.

I hope McVay can check his ego at the door and do what is best for the team the rest of the way out.

The trading deadline is over McVay, you need to actually figure out how to make it work with the players you have and not ask Daddy for a Shiney new toy every time you are not happy.

  Hopeful, but something is wrong

kw13151November 06, 2022 10:54AM


Ridgewood Ram33November 06, 2022 11:06AM