October 30, 2022 03:54PM
I ask this because if you can't get past your rival you can waste a winning season before it is over and this is a trend even an owner has to be concerned with.

It certainly is not just McVay but I doubt we can be comfortable losing too many more games to the same HC. Short of admission of a rebuild I certainly do not see even McVay sleeping too easy between now and our 2nd game with 9ers in 2023. I don't see us as a wild card threat in 2022.

Stafford is only a threat throwing and with good protection or he also becomes a threat against us.

Time to get some of our young talent on the field and to move on if advantageous to us.

Los Angeles Rams

Rap on.

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  Can McVay out last 10 straight rs losses to Shanny?

BumRap91October 30, 2022 03:54PM