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Stafford, O-line, big plays

October 04, 2022 12:45AM
With the way our o-line is playing right now there is no chance in he.ll we are a real SB contender this year.
Mix in the obvious decline of Stafford , a subpar running game and this season very likely will not end like last years.
Rams still are a top 10 team in the league and probably make the playoffs but no more.

Defense played okay but too many big plays given up. Combined with no big plays of offense you get what we witnessed. A relatively easy Niners win.

If I am the Rams I do not make any trades at the deadline. Do not give away draft capital in a desperate effort to improve the team for the short run . 2022 appears not to be our for another SB title. Too many problem spots .

Next offseason Rams must improve the o-line with an all out effort. Right now they can not open holes in the run game and pass protection not much better with Stafford getting sacked 7 more times yesterday.

Go Rams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Stafford, O-line, big plays

dodgerram110October 04, 2022 12:45AM