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Rams becoming Lions?

October 03, 2022 08:46PM
The upside an offense that allowed Stafford to pile up stats, log a few Sportscenter highlight plays and produce gaudy stats to turn a talented WR into a Hall of Famer. The downside not that many wins and no playoff success. Yea I know, but the Rams won the chip last year. Maybe there was enough "We not me" residue left in the team to offset the onset of Lionopathy. However the disease is getting worse in year two and the Rams Org might not have enough we not me to fight it off this time. Before last year the highlight of Stafford's career was force feeding the ball to Megatron. McVay needs to realize that maybe Matt is comfortable in that roll, that roll leads to mediocrity at best.

  Rams becoming Lions?

RamsDynasty205October 03, 2022 08:46PM


Rampage2K-81October 03, 2022 09:58PM