September 22, 2022 08:46AM
I recall watching that game at a Sports Bar. Though the Rams won 14 to 12, it was UUUUUGLY n boring! I think one TD was long return of a INT or fumble. Rams did very little. Maybe the only time the Rams started 1 and 0 and I did not feel good about the season.

  Was anyone at the 1994 Opener vs the Cards??? UGH!

Ramgator87September 22, 2022 08:46AM

  not nearly as bad as the 1991 openning day game

joram52September 22, 2022 09:21AM

  I was...

LMU9348September 22, 2022 10:45AM

  I was there.....but I have CRS disease

Rampage2K-50September 22, 2022 11:22AM