August 05, 2022 07:42AM
Here’s BonifayRam…

My thoughts thus far one week into TC on the reports on the OL.

To all the Training Camp on-site reports from ROD members, I am so appreciative for you taking the time to share with us what you have seen!clap smiley:thumbs up smiley1:


Coach Carberry still has a boat load of OT's even without Bobby Evans. Starters Havenstein/Noteboom Reserve LT Alaric Jackson are set & secure for the opening season MR53 roster. The MR53 RT reserve position remains unclear. I believe Carberry is driven (Smartly So) to heavily scrutinize Rookie AJ Arcuri reps @ RT. I would bet the Rams do not want Arcuri on the PS so other teams can plunder. Swing OT Max Pircher would be another PS candidate again due to his special status.


Versatile skilled OL'ers like Rookie Logan Bruss & Anchrum with Edwards are a lock IMO. Highly versatile OG Chandler Brewer appears to be a lock for 2022 PS again with rookie OT/OG/OC Jack Snyder. Thus far, the current 2nd team LG Anchrum is the leading prospect for Edward's post.


I have not heard anything much on Brian Allen other than he has spent a good amount in the gym due to his size increase. 2021 #6th OL'er Shelton sure appears to have a big head start to win the starting RG post thus far. So OC/OG Kolone got an HD day @ center with 2nd team? Kolone has over 4 seasons on the Rams Practice Squad. The Rams have cut him the last 4 yrs. Snyder vs Kolone battle will be interesting as to who will be Ram's 3rd center this season.

Current 8 OL'er guesstimate lineup:

OT-Havenstein/ Noteboom/ Jackson
OG-Edwards/ Shelton/ Anchrum/Bruss

In contention for MR53 remaining OL position


  BonifayRam has a very nice assessment of OL status based upon many camp reports…

Rams43172August 05, 2022 07:42AM