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You Went To The Buccaneers' Game In Tampa, Right?

May 13, 2022 12:32PM
I assume because your favorite team was playing close by, and it is not a common occurrence, so if you could afford it then nothing was stopping you from catching your favorite team. Well done. It wasn't a reflection on the Tampa Bay fans, its just that you were willing to pay what was needed to get in.

Well, guess what? There are 25 Million folks in the greater southern California area, and a @#$%& ton of them are NFL fans. Not Rams fans, not Charger fans, but fans of every team in the League. I contend that ~25 NFL teams could hold a HOME game at SoFi stadium and could sell the game out. What other city could you say that about?

I have lived in SoCal my whole life, and I have followed the Rams religiously since Gabriel/Snow. But I can only occupy one seat. My neighbor on the right of me is a die hard Packers fan from Wisconsin, and my neighbor on the left of me is a die hard Cowboys fan from Texas. On my block, there are Eagles fans and Viking fans and Niner fans and Raider fans. That's just my block, there are ten thousand blocks just like mine. When my neighbor's team comes to town and he hasn't been able to see that team in 5 or 10 years, he is going to the game (and 10K of his friends are the same way). It's not a reflection of the Rams or their fans, but rather a fact of life living in an area where everyone tries to move TO, not away from.

F Florio trying to turn the knife at every opportunity to disparage us Ram fans in LA. We have grown 10 fold in the last 3 years, but we have 1 or 2 GENERATIONS to get to where the Lakers and the Dodgers are (thanks Georgia!).

I was there for both San Fran games last year and it make my heart sink walking into the stadium, but going to a game with a mix of fans also makes the game much more intense and raucous, I'm telling you. Conversely, the Cardinal playoff game was 95% Rams fans and it was electric. I am expecting a huge Bills' contingency on opening night, and the Raiders game will be a sh!tshow, but if we win the game there is nothing better than watching those folks slink out with their tails between their legs.

By the way, I am going to the Saints game in NOLA, and maybe the Cardinals game in AZ too. It doesn't make their fan bases suck, its just life in the NFL. Keep this in mind when bagging on us LA fans.

  Schedule. REALLY curious to see this year's "Home" games.

Ramgator120May 13, 2022 03:52AM

  Re: Schedule. REALLY curious to see this year's "Home" games.

Rampage2K-46May 13, 2022 08:32AM

  Read it again. I was praising the fans who DO go. Did you not see that?

Ramgator33May 13, 2022 08:51AM

  You Went To The Buccaneers' Game In Tampa, Right?

LBRamsFan41May 13, 2022 12:32PM

  I guess you missed my reply on another similar post.

Ramgator25May 14, 2022 06:21AM