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Cowboy fans are unbearable...

January 14, 2022 11:08AM
I'm sure 49er fans are, as well.. Cowboy fans are sooo arrogant, so cocky, so full of themselves.. as long as the team is winning.. when they don't win those fans "are too busy for football this season" so unaware of their struggles lol

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Dear God, He Had Him!

Classicalwit594January 14, 2022 05:33AM

  Re: Dear God, He Had Him!

Ekern55151January 14, 2022 06:02AM

  My Mom HAAAAAATED football! DESPISED it! But..... The next morning, after SB 14..

Ramgator263January 14, 2022 06:10AM

  Re: My Mom HAAAAAATED football! DESPISED it! But..... The next morning, after SB 14..

den-the-coach105January 14, 2022 07:16AM

  Not sure I have ever felt taller as a Rams fan than when in SB 14..........

Ramgator71January 14, 2022 09:08AM

  It's never been easy for our boys...

max71January 14, 2022 09:50AM

  Used to know a Cowboys fan in the 90s. IT KILLED ME WHEN.......

Ramgator57January 14, 2022 11:02AM

  Cowboy fans are unbearable...

sstrams77January 14, 2022 11:08AM

  LOLOL That game in 1992!!! When I first walked in the Sports Bar???

Ramgator26January 15, 2022 04:20AM

  You got lucky, Gator..

sstrams25January 15, 2022 04:41AM

  I DARE other fans to threaten me. If they do? I go into "INTIMIDATION MODE"! Look.. Attachments

Ramgator35January 15, 2022 05:04AM

  Seriously, I have been very lucky.

Ramgator34January 15, 2022 05:15AM

  Re: You got lucky, Gator..

KRams33January 15, 2022 06:49AM

  that was the game that Bruce guaranteed a win..

sstrams35January 15, 2022 07:37AM


ferragamo7991January 14, 2022 09:53AM