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Re: Yes

January 12, 2022 07:42PM
The Rams usually lose because they beat themselves.

that is fair.

It goes deeper than that. Players don't decide on any given play to let themselves get beat.

It's the coaches calling the wrong formation or scheme. On 3rd and short, why go empty backfield? Why not put in a jumbo package w/ Gaines and Donald to clear the way for Michel like the Fridge used to do?

Or to slow down the 9ers dline rush, why not call a shovel pass to Akers? Isn't McVay a creative offensive genius?

Or on the 9er's 88-yard drive, why not turn Von Miller loose? Why give up all that draft capital if you're not going to use him correctly?

  Why so bi-polar?

JimYoungblood53422January 12, 2022 04:58PM

  Re: Why so bi-polar?

Classicalwit73January 12, 2022 05:16PM

  In my heart of hearts

JimYoungblood5361January 12, 2022 05:18PM

  I think it's the shooting in the foot mentality

Ram_Ruler66January 12, 2022 05:25PM


JimYoungblood5352January 12, 2022 05:40PM

  Re: Yes

Ram_Ruler47January 12, 2022 06:39PM

  Re: Yes

Ramstien32January 13, 2022 04:57AM

  Re: Yes

Islander Ram37January 12, 2022 07:42PM

  ^^^^^^ THIS!!!!!^^^^^^^

Ramgator33January 13, 2022 05:00AM

  As far as I am concerned

mexram52January 12, 2022 05:43PM

  Re: Why so bi-polar?

chico n da rams45January 12, 2022 06:21PM

  That is kind of funny and true

JimYoungblood5334January 12, 2022 11:42PM

  Re: Why so bi-polar?

h2omelonhead33January 12, 2022 08:01PM

  a "good, never a great team"

LMU9342January 13, 2022 03:42AM

  That's my thought

JimYoungblood5322January 13, 2022 07:45AM

  I do NOT appreciate being called Bi Polar.

Ramgator77January 13, 2022 05:02AM

  I love you Gator....but that is not funny

ferragamo7955January 13, 2022 07:49AM

  Ron Jaworski in 1975

den-the-coach42January 13, 2022 08:12AM

  Re: I love you Gator....but that is not funny

waterfield48January 13, 2022 08:39AM

  Easy now!!

Ramgator40January 13, 2022 11:38AM

  My humor.

Ramgator25January 13, 2022 11:55AM

  I totally get where u are coming from

stlramz23January 13, 2022 06:43PM

  Wow the pc crowd rears it's head! lol

Ramsdude27January 13, 2022 11:57AM

  I plead guilty

waterfield27January 13, 2022 05:55PM

  Your not guilty

Ramsdude15January 14, 2022 04:58AM

  Re: Easy now!!

Ramstien17January 14, 2022 04:57AM

  Just being honest and up front.

Ramgator14January 14, 2022 05:00AM

  Thank you for sharing Gator.

RustyRay11January 14, 2022 05:39AM

  Mental illness in itself is not funny.

RustyRay16January 14, 2022 05:36AM

  Nothing wrong with using Bi Polar.

Ramgator13January 14, 2022 05:55AM