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Doing exactly what your opponent wants you to

January 10, 2022 06:06AM
Is a recipe for disaster .

At 1:45 or whatever it is when Shanny elects to punt deep in his own territory on 4th and long with all timeouts remaining ...we did exactly what he anticipated we would do run 3 times into the line to burn timeouts and punt the ball back.. burning all of 15 seconds

. I know probably most agree with that strategy and I've seen some say we should have passed on 3rd down....no we should have passed on first down...roll Stafford out same play we run 10 times a game with receiver curling short with him if it's there great if not Stafford simply slides down
Niners selling out for run it would usually be pitch and catch for a quick 7-8 yrd gain and outcome of game changes.
In today's NFL you play conservative or "not to lose" you usually do. That being said it is reprehensible that we allowed them 89 yrds in 90 seconds ... actually they scored in 60 seconds.

While I'm nitpicking this loss another series I hated was our first of 2nd half after they scored on opening possession. 2 runs in line creating 3rd and long and then 3 and out. We really needed a response at that point in game.
I totally get the don't abandon the run crowd but
it just wasn't there yesterday .

Like most yesterday gutted me ... should be excited for winning the division and playoffs but I'm not like at all .... Hope by Monday I have a more positive outlook ..I drink my Ram kool-aid and believe we can make a improbable playoff run.
Just can't believe we had a 7pt lead 1:40 on clock and a first down on our 40 yrd line
with the opportunity to end our hated rivals season secure the 2 seed and we botched it.

Get 1 first down Sean that's what champions do

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