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This is a really interesting draft

May 02, 2021 09:32AM
Going in to this weekend here were my hopes:

1. Bolster the 5T and primary rotation spots vacated by Brock and Fox. Getting more physical up front was critical, to my eye at least. I don't trust Robinson either, so I felt it might be our greatest need.

2. Address Center. No surprise, I felt like most here. Blythe was absolutely terrible. The Rams' options on the roster are unproven. Looked like a significant need to me.

3. Upgrade ILB. This is an area we have suffered for a long time. Investment was needed. Also, following the physicality theme, I felt that a guy who had some aggressive fill ability and some oomph to him was important.

4. Address TE. Like many Rams fans I didn't like that Hopkins couldn't get on the field or even sniff being active even after some late season injuries set him up for an opportunity. That was a real bad tell to me. Higs is a very good Y. We needed an F with Everett leaving.

5. Fill CB need. I had this kind of low because I wasn't sure what they though of Burgess, Long, etc. I felt that if we were going to take a slot that we could do it midrounds or later, that any CB we take early has to be Williams' replacement.

6. Find a LT of the future. I don't think the LT is on our roster. Boom's a JAG. Evans is probably RG. Anchrum? Maybe but it's a reach to think we unearthed a LT in him.

Fast forward to our pick in round 2, and with a limited number of picks we start out with a WR. And not just a WR but a guy who is very small which is a concern. So I was disappointed. Not raging or resorting to hyperbole but definitely disappointed. How would we solve all those issues? Did McVay pull the wire out of the wall that carried Snead's draft room feed?

But then a strange thing happened. Pick by pick they chipped away at the need list.

Now I'll be honest here... I feel like we're relying on some mid to late round picks to make this draft which feels bad. But the picks are actually the types of players that I wanted. Which is why I say this draft is so interesting to me.

Round 2, pick 57 – Tutu Atwell, WR, Louisville: mood was disappointment. Super explosive but so small and like you guys I have Tavon PTSD.

Round 3, pick 103 – Ernest Jones, LB: physical backer who didn't get a lot of protection from his defensive front. Watch his games and he's got OL firing straight out not even needing or bothering to assist. It's instant in-your-face OL and he still led the team in tackles.

Round 4, pick 117 – Bobby Brown III, DT: extremely physical DL who is only 20 years old. Power game. I love this pick dudes.

Round 4, pick 130 – Robert Rochell, CB: man coverage type with ball skills and gameday productivity who needs development in zone. Put him in the pipeline. Likely Williams' replacement. Has size and all the raw tools for outside the hash.

Round 4, pick 141 – Jacob Harris, TE: this guy reminds me so much of Jimmy Graham when he was coming out. Needs development but as an F in this offense he is a perfect fit. Probably my favorite pick after Bobby Brown.

Round 5: No. 174 – Earnest Brown IV, DE: similar game to Rashad Weaver who I pined for. Nice power profile and he should be able to compete for that Fox role since he won't be overpowered early on.

Round 7: No. 233 – Jake Funk, RB: teams pick with injury history we'll see.

Round 7: No. 249 – Ben Skowronek, WR: teams pick.

Round 7, pick 252 – Chris Garrett, LB: teams pick.

So going off my original list of what I was hoping for...

1. Check. Power is there. How much dip do we see in pass rush? We have a heavy run front now. I am pleased but we'll see how these two guys pan out.

2. No soup for you. Rams have since told Jourdan that their plan is Corbs > Allen/Shelton. My biggest complaint with this draft is passing on Meinerz who I think will be special as an IOL.

3. Check. What will this guy be when he's behind our DL? They may have found themselves something. His leadership is also intriguing. I like this guy.

4. Half-check. On the negative side I don't think our new project TE will be able to get on the field. On the plus side while they redshirt him they have a ton of options and competition in the slot. Something about his film man. Really interesting pick.

5. Check. If the Rams were concerned at the slot they would have taken one. They took a guy who projects to the pipeline to replace Williams. I'm good here.

6. No soup for you. LT looms as a potential problem. Hopefully Whit has another season like 2020.

So IMO what we saw in this draft was a very strong midsection that rounded it out nicely. I don't think it's one of Snead's finest by any stretch. But sitting down looking at it they have a chance to nail most of their needs.

  This is a really interesting draft

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