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Re: Sam Darnold....

April 06, 2021 05:59AM
He had a great HC career at San Clemente HS...Then, went to win Rose Bowl for USC!

Typical high drat pick QB that got stuck on a bad team, then thrown to the wolves of the NFL.

Darnold will turn it around in Carolina..


  Rapoport on the Darnold trade...

Rams43598April 05, 2021 02:39PM

  Re: Rapoport on the Darnold trade...

Classicalwit174April 05, 2021 03:38PM

  Matt Rhule is one Heck of a Coach

den-the-coach143April 06, 2021 03:13AM

  Re: Sam Darnold....

oldschoolramfan100April 06, 2021 05:59AM

  Re: Sam Darnold....

Classicalwit46April 06, 2021 07:32PM

  GEEEEESH!!!!! I glanced at this WITHOUT my Readers and saw....

Ramgator111April 06, 2021 10:21AM