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Re: Dwayne Stukes

February 22, 2021 04:39AM
Hazlet Hacksaw
Wonder if he is related to Charlie Stukes - the old rams CB from the 70's.

I'm guessing Charlie might be Dwayne's dad. Charlie is 77 yr old and was an administrative assistant at a high school in Chesapeake, VA. Dwayne is 44 and was born in Portsmouth, VA and went to college at the Univ of Virginia. If they're not father and son, I'll bet their related somehow.


  Rodrigue:. Rams add more assistants.

CROMWELL21779February 21, 2021 06:29PM

  Rams assistant OL coach Chris O’Hara is also coming from Washington

Rams Junkie215February 21, 2021 06:40PM

  Marcus Dixon

MamaRAMa215February 21, 2021 08:30PM

  Not Crazy about O'Hara

den-the-coach170February 22, 2021 03:23AM

  Rams fill nearly half of vacant coaching positions

den-the-coach126February 22, 2021 03:26AM

  Dwayne Stukes

MamaRAMa124February 22, 2021 03:45AM

  Re: Dwayne Stukes

Hazlet Hacksaw74February 22, 2021 04:17AM

  Re: Dwayne Stukes

CROMWELL2163February 22, 2021 04:34AM

  Loved Charlie Stukes #47

den-the-coach69February 22, 2021 04:45AM


LMU9359February 22, 2021 04:52AM

  Re: interesting...

den-the-coach49February 22, 2021 04:57AM

  first person I thought of when Stukes was mentioned.....

21Dog47February 22, 2021 05:10AM

  Re: first person I thought of when Stukes was mentioned.....

den-the-coach52February 22, 2021 05:35AM

  And in the background that would be the great Dave Elmendorf...

roman1847February 22, 2021 04:54AM

  Re: Dwayne Stukes

MamaRAMa60February 22, 2021 04:39AM

  Thad Bogardus

3030110February 22, 2021 04:47AM

  Re: Not Crazy about O'Hara

Rams Junkie61February 22, 2021 09:56PM

  Re: Not Crazy about O'Hara

oldschoolramfan47February 23, 2021 05:12AM

  Re: Not Crazy about O'Hara

den-the-coach36February 23, 2021 05:36AM

  Re: Rodrigue:. Rams add more assistants.

Classicalwit75February 22, 2021 03:13PM