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McVay at Washington: Was it Great?

February 06, 2021 11:54PM
How do we feel about McVay's 2 years at Washington as OC in 2015-2016? They got a lot of yards but were middle of the pack in scoring points per game.

They had Kirk Cousins who many rate over Goff but maybe just under Stafford?

Compared to Shanahan with Ryan at Atlanta, the WFT offenses were modest.

Has McVay proven to be a Top HC but maybe only a slightly above average OC? He always says "go be great" but can he be a Great HC and Playcalling OC?

Is a Top gameday OC the missing piece of what the Rams need to be a SB contender? I know O'Connel is there but Rams had their worst of 4 years with whatever level of contribution he had.

Side note, the DC was Joe Barry (new DC for Packers). So why wasn't the Washington Football team better in 2015-2016? Offense? Defense? Jay Gruden the problem?

  McVay at Washington: Was it Great?

BearlyThere253February 06, 2021 11:54PM