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McVay and AD on Darious Williams

November 21, 2020 10:31AM
These stood out for me:

On D Will

(Mcvay on CB Darious Williams' consistency and if he noticed that in practice in previous years)
"Oh yeah. I mean, he in a good way, he was locking our guys down, going back to the '18 season, where he was on scout team. You'd almost have to tell him, 'Hey, take it easy, man. You're going to shake our confidence going into this game.' So, you've seen his athleticism, you've seen his ability to match up and as soon as he started getting the opportunities that he's definitely deserving of, the game's not too big for him. He's got all the skills and characteristics you're looking for. I love his mental makeup and you just see the athleticism. You talk about it in the team meeting today, all four of his picks have been huge parts of three wins that we've had this year."

(AD on describing CB Darious Williams)
“He’s electric. He’s a playmaker. His ball skills are amazing. The thing is, prior years before this, he (CB Darious Williams) was doing these same things at camp, he just wasn't starting yet, didn't get his opportunity. He got a starting job and gets to share it with the world now. So, these are the things that we've been seeing since, since camp, since practice, him making plays like that, his ball skills and everything. So, for him to translate that to the game and finally get to show the world what he's about. That's definitely a plus for us. The excitement he brings, the consistent play he brings, the dominance he brings, as far as locking guys down. You can see what he can do when the ball is in the air, he can take it from you. So, there's definitely a plus. I know he’ll continue to get better. So, that's scary for the opponent for sure.”


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  McVay and AD on Darious Williams

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