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Los Angeles Rams Transcript - October 16, 2020 Head Coach Sean McVay

October 16, 2020 12:53PM
Los Angeles Rams Transcript -
October 16, 2020
Head Coach Sean McVay

Head Coach Sean McVay
(On any injury updates)
“(Lcool smiley Micah (Kiser), we’ll list him as questionable, but he's feeling good. (OL) Bobby Evans will be probable. So, we expect both those guys to be ready to go. As far as any sort of imminent roster moves, I would imagine that we will put (Lcool smiley ‘Obo’ (Obgonnia Okoronkwo) on (injured reserve), but it's not something that there's a real urgency to get somebody else up because we feel like we've identified our guys that'll be active for this game with our 48. So, if there was somebody that we needed to get up that would immediately replace ‘Obo’, that would be active, that would be something that we would have probably already made that move. But, you can anticipate that whether we end up doing it later today, tomorrow. As far as actually getting somebody else up that's not something that there's a huge sense of urgency on (inaudible)…we’ve identified the 48 that we’ll have up for this game.”

(On Running Backs Coach Thomas Brown’s injury)
“Golly, man. He is such a stud. I mean, if you guys see him moving around, the urgency. He’s so sudden that he unfortunately blew out his Achilles yesterday doing individual drills. I mean, walked right off and didn't flinch. He was out there today. He'll end up getting surgery early next week, but just sick for him. This guy won't miss a beat. It's more of an inconvenience than anything for us as coaches at this point, but he's so active and so involved with those guys that you definitely missed out on those kinds of things. Hoping and praying for a fast and safe recovery for him.”

(On if he’s looking forward to a shorter flight this weekend)
“It really doesn't make a difference to me. In some instances, I kind of like getting on those flights and I don't even connect to WIFI so then no one can reach me (laughs). I do kind of like that element of it, but that's just purely selfish approach. I think it will be better just having a shorter flight. I won't miss the long flight, but it'll be exciting to be able to get another good night of rest and then travel a little bit later. But, either way we're ready for a great (inaudible) on Sunday night.”

(On the similarities between his offense and 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan)
“I think there's some similar foundational principles. They'll mix up personnel a little bit more. They do a lot of great stuff and I I'd be lying if I said a lot of this stuff that we're doing has not been heavily influenced from what I learned when I worked for (49ers Head Coach) Kyle (Shanahan). I have tremendous respect for him and what they do offensively, but I'd like to think you're going to see two, hopefully, offenses that are sharp, have an identity. Hopefully, we don't make them look to sharp and our defense is rolling. There’s some similar principles in terms of the marriage of the run and the pass, play-action, your movements, some of those things. They do a great job of using their players and we've tried to do the same thing. That's kind of where I think you'd see some similarities.”

(On what’s something that he holds onto and takes from his wins against the NFC East despite not being able to control who they play and on the competition level of that division)
“I think you just said it, we don't control who we play. We've had five guaranteed opportunities. I think the film always tells the truth. Sometimes the records can be misleading. We know what we put on tape through five games, but we also know it's only five games and you write the story and the narrative every single week. We’ve got a great opportunity to do that for Week 6 against a great football team, regardless of each record, especially in division play where there's a lot of familiarity with one another. We're excited about it.”

(On Running Backs Coach Thomas Brown being a good fit for the NFL)
“What I would say is that he’s just a great coach. I think there's a lot of great coaches at all levels. I don't necessarily think the NFL is indicative of ‘that's where the best coaches are.’ I think there's great coaches at all levels. I've always just really been impressed with the way he's handled himself from afar, going back to when we competed against one another in high school. But he's a man's man. This guy has great command of everything. I mean, there's certain people that you just feel, ‘Hey, this guy has got some stuff to him’. He's pretty impressive, has a great way about himself in terms communicating to players. He's an impressive human being. And then, you know, when you talk ball with him, the command was just through the roof. He’s a guy that's coordinated at a high level and he’s got an extremely bright future. We're very fortunate to have him here.”

(On what it was like to compete against Brown in high school)
“I mean, he was the best running back in the country, one of the top running backs in the country, had offers everywhere, committed to Georgia. You know, we were rivals. I went to Marist; he went to Tucker. We played each other year in and year out and then fortunately they got beat in the semifinals, so we didn't have to play them in the state championship because I think he was going to get back, he had hurt his ankle. (inaudible).”

(On if ILB Micah Kiser will start if he’s healthy and how he plans to balance that with ILB Troy Reeder)
“He will start if he's able to go. But (ILcool smiley Troy (Reeder) has definitely shown how capable he is. Depending upon some of the different personnel and things like that, that we want to be able to activate the plan is to be able to get all those guys involved.”

(On if he believes Coach Brown is on track for a coordinator role)
"Yes. I think that there's no limit for this guy. I'd be so happy for him if he continues to ascend but sad for the Rams. I think he can do whatever he wants. I think he's definitely a coordinator. I think he's got head coach potential, in terms of his leadership and the way he relates to guys. This guy's a great coach. I don't think there's any sort of ceiling or limitations on what he's not able to accomplish at this level (inaudible)."

(On how he assesses the NFC West this season)
"I think it is a great division. I think this league, as a whole, is so competitive. I think at the end of the season is when we can really make that determination. That's why I love these preseason power rankings or the weekly power rankings, because nobody cares about it until it really matters. I think at the end of the year, you can say if we're the best division, but I know that we've got three really good football teams in this division that we have to face two times each, still remaining on our schedule and we get our first crack at one of those three this Sunday. That's what we're looking forward to, but I just think, at the end of this season is when you can truly say where teams fall, but what I think you see week in and week out is, 32 teams that are extremely competitive from top to bottom and that's why people love this game, is because every single week you're looking at a score saying, 'Can you believe that?' and that's what makes this game great. That's what makes it fun for us and why I probably sleep very poorly during the weeks (silence).

“That was supposed to be funny (laughter)."


  Los Angeles Rams Transcript - October 16, 2020 Head Coach Sean McVay

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