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Re: scripts

October 16, 2020 08:54AM
O'Connell on scripts (since this came up--do the Rams script opening plays or not?)



(On opening drives scripts and how they have evolved)
"I think that's a really good question. I've been around just about everything, a script where you really try to stay on it, no matter what, a script where you say you're going to stay on it and then you get two or three plays in and you're skipping around or you're maybe adding some things, but other than just the menu of plays to have, the plays you feel really good about and the plan of plays that you're running for specific reasons. I think (Head) Coach (Sean) McVay has got such a great feel early on in games, dialing things up that our guys feel really good about, positive about. Maybe gaining information inventory, whatever it may be, but the way we do it here is a really great way and I think our players have shown just by what they've done early on in football games, that it works for us really well. I don't really think there's any right or wrong ways, as long as, the intentions are done with a purpose to help the overall plan and really figure out how you want to play that particular game."

Rodrigue on this:


Jourdan Rodrigue@JourdanRodrigue
the Rams don’t script their opening drives and, from what it sounds like, never have done so under McVay. Part of this is a “feel” thing — he and quarterback Jared Goff prefer to operate without a script — and part of this is because they have so much versatility at their skill positions on offense that they don’t want to remain rigid within a script and limit some of the things their players could do.

  Los Angeles Rams Transcripts - October 15, 2020 Head Coach Sean McVay, Offensive Coordinator Kevin O'Connell and DL Aaron Donald

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