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The more I mull it over......

September 15, 2020 03:01PM
.....the more concerned I'm getting about the red zone futility. The Rams are getting to the red zone an amazing amount of times, like GSOT days. The percentage of TDs as a result concerns me. I don't have stats, if someone has the time, please inform us, but 2 succeses out of 5 chances seems low to me for a team looking to make the playoffs.

McVay has talked about this multiple times but things aren't changing. It's leaving teams to play too many close games, just continuing to hang in there when they could be putting teams away earlier in a lot of games.

Any thoughts?


  The more I mull it over......

NewMexicoRam226September 15, 2020 03:01PM

  Rams were 6th in red zone percentage last season

Ram_Ruler55September 15, 2020 03:05PM

  I appreciate the insight.

NewMexicoRam48September 15, 2020 03:06PM

  Haha no worries

Ram_Ruler40September 15, 2020 03:20PM