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2020 Rule Changes

July 31, 2020 10:19AM
At the risk of making a controversial statement, I think that we can all agree that this NFL season has been (and will be) quite unlike any other. With that said, I'd like to see the league adopt a similar approach to that of baseball where they're experimenting with rule changes like the DH in the National League and extra innings. I mean...what MLB seems to be saying is "if there was ever a time to experiment with rule changes...now might be the time."

Why not the NFL? And I don't think that any changes have be pandemic-related. It's just that...without any (or limited) fans, a virtual draft, no mini-camps...things have/will already be significantly different for everyone. Why stop there? Again, not permanent...just for a season that may not even play out fully.

To wit, I'd like to propose the following rule changes:

1) Overtime: Let's adopt the college OT rules and see how that plays out;

2) No more checking to see if a knee was down on fumbles. To maintain possession, all ball carriers will have to hand the ball to the official once the whistle is blown;

3) In an effort to increase the opportunities for TD's, I'd begin reducing the amount of points FG's are worth the closer the ball is to the goal line (i.e. 35+ yard FG = 3 points; 25 - 34 yards = 2 points; 24 yards or under = 1 point); and,

4) No more silly flags for endzone celebrations. So tired of the NFL (No Fun League).

What might you like to see?

  2020 Rule Changes

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