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Re: Yup

July 31, 2020 07:49AM
a couple of weeks ago people went after Lindsey Thirey because she said the group was worse than last year

Here we have another article confirming that... we don’t know what the Rams have

Gonna have to wait and see and absolutely nothing wrong with feeling positive about what the group may be... but man right now we just don’t know

How does she know it is worse?

Is this group unseen unproven yep, pretty much.
Malcom Brown we have an idea about....the rest.....shrugging.

We know about Todd, so I will leave that alone.

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work. - Vince Lombardi

“It’s not how you start that’s important, but how you finish!” ― Jim George

  Rams' RB group ranked 3rd-worst in NFL by PFF

RamBill102July 31, 2020 06:01AM

  Lack of data puts PFF in a bad spot...

Rams4335July 31, 2020 06:20AM

  Re: When players have a lot to prove...

merlin15July 31, 2020 10:48AM

  hard to argue

LMU9342July 31, 2020 06:51AM

  Re: Yup

Speed_Kills31July 31, 2020 07:21AM

  Re: Yup

73Ram26July 31, 2020 07:49AM

  Re: Yup

Speed_Kills25July 31, 2020 07:52AM

  Re: Yup

SoCalRAMatic18July 31, 2020 07:59AM

  Re: I agree

Speed_Kills16July 31, 2020 08:08AM

  Re: Yup

73Ram19July 31, 2020 08:02AM

  Re: Yup

Speed_Kills17July 31, 2020 08:05AM

  Re: Yup

73Ram18July 31, 2020 08:16AM

  Re: I hear you

Speed_Kills20July 31, 2020 08:30AM

  Re: I hear you

73Ram16July 31, 2020 08:49AM

  Re: Yup

Rams4319July 31, 2020 10:16AM

  Hope that goes up in the locker room

alyoshamucci24July 31, 2020 09:44AM