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Nicely worded commentary post about Brewer by BonifayRam...

July 01, 2020 07:58AM
Here’s BonifayRam...

I have learned that good OL'ers can come from many fashions.......draft/ WWC/ other teams PS's. Chandler Brewer who was an UDFA rookie free agent is not that unusual except for his accomplishments in overcoming life threatening cancer while continuing to start & play college football @ a high level.

The Rams 1999 SB winning team OL had 7 main OL'ers who powered that mighty offense. The makeup of that OL was a combo of draftee's/ WWC's & UFA's. Of the 7 only one had been drafted higher than the 4th round of the draft that was LT Orlando Pace. That championship team 7 OL'ers had 2 UDFA's starting (Gruttadauria & McCollum). Three came to the Rams as WWC's (Nutten/ McCollum/ Gruttadauria). The UFA was starting RG Adam Timmerman who was a 7th rd pick as was starting LG Tom Nutten. That 1999 team had 3 drafted OT's Miller 5th rd/ Tucker 4th rd & Pace 1st rd.

Currently, this 2020 Rams OL is made up mainly from the Rams draft (7 Ol'ers) but it also has OL'ers that came from WWC (Kolone/ Trewyn & Blythe), trade (Corbett), other teams PS's (Shelton), fresh preferred rookie UDFA's (Brewer & Cabral)& signed UFA's (Whitworth). This 2020 OL makings certainly arrives from more different places.

Chandler Brewer has now grown into NFL OT size being over 6-6 & close to 325 lbs. Brewer played four OL posts in four preseason gms as a rookie. The majority of his snaps were @ LT but it was not much more than the other OL posts. With Noteboom then starting OG & starting OT's Whitworth & Havenstein sat on the bench for the entire preseason. Kromer was tasked to find a new swing OT. He mostly worked 2nd yr OL'er Demby & rookies Edwards, Evans & Brewer. Evans & Demby were NOT good. Edwards & Brewer show'd some promise. Edwards clearly was the best of the four @ multiple OL posts however Brewer demonstrated in preseason he was better than Demby & Evans.

At the beginning of the season Brewer did not win a Master Roster spot. Kromer went with Demby/ Evans & Edwards instead but did make the initial Rams PS unit. Early in the season Demby failed as top reserve & Edwards stepped into position & with several injuries to starting Ol'er Edwards was starting & Brewer graduated to the Rams roster as the 9th OL'er. By the end of the season Brewer was the top reserve OL'er.

The above article above asks if Brewer can earn a roster spot in 2020. Looking at the roster which Ol'er in 2019 battled & earn his position in backing up Whitworth @ LT? Noteboom, Evans & Demby did not but Brewer did. Now top LT back up Noteboom is one serious big question at the moment. His starting performance was a disaster. His reconstructed knee is untried. Last season from preseason to the end of the 2019 regular season Bobby Evans did NOT perform well on the left side period. Rams did not draft a LT. Demby has less than zero chance to make this 2020 roster. So who's left?:hush:

Brewer has been an ascending OL'er since he signed with the Rams. Yes..... injuries did help him with his rise but injuries occur every year too. His ability & versatility to forge through the responsibilities of four NFL OL posts after undergoing that bad cancer event in college is extraordinary. His climb up the Kromer OL position ladder is also a good accomplishment. Even if Noteboom can recover some of his 2018 form he still might not be ready so the road to the LT reserve is unobstructed for now for Brewer.

  Can Chandler Brewer earn spot on Rams 55-man roster?

Rams43230July 01, 2020 07:54AM

  Nicely worded commentary post about Brewer by BonifayRam...

Rams43119July 01, 2020 07:58AM

  Re: Nicely worded commentary post about Brewer by BonifayRam...

LMU9380July 01, 2020 10:12AM

  Chandler Brewer opts out of 2020 season

MamaRAMa52July 31, 2020 11:18AM

  makes sense

LMU9340July 31, 2020 11:25AM