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Re: A thought provoking post on this topic by oldnotdead...

June 29, 2020 05:39PM
Interesting thoughts from the copied poster. My thoughts:

We will play base less than expected. Looking at just division games:


They play 10 personnel 32% of the time and 11 personnel 35% of the time. Our second ILB won't see the field and neither will the bigger DTs--Day,Gay, or Robinson. I'd expect brockers at the 1/2 tech and Donald at a 2/3 with two OLBs and Travin Howard at ILB. Howard should win that job easy imo--he's a baller. Passing down against the Cards and take Brockers out and bring in a 6th db.


Played 11 personnel 72% of the time. I expect this to drop as they have had issues with fielding healthy tight ends and I dont see that repeating. If Carroll continues to be stupid and force the run with a top 5 QB on his roster than we will play a good amount of base versus them.


11 personnel 42% , 12 personnel 20%, and 21 personnel 27% of the time. I would see us playing the big boys at DT. But I only see one ILB on the field. This is why you draft Rapp and Burgess and JJ3. They need to be able to win the matchups vs Kittle and Juszcyk. Whatever they do with Kittle will require multiple players and the Whiners have dangerous speed at WR with Deebo, and Aiyuk, Given all the misdirection they run I want alot of speed on the field.

I see us playing a ton of big nickel in these games. JJ or Jalen should be in Kittle's face the entirety of the game. If it's Jalen I'm totally fine with Darious Williams starting at the other corner. Otherwise, its JJ and we need Burgess to play deep

So, no base vs Cards and very limited vs Whiners, and a good amount vs the Seahawks. Last year we were in Base 34% of the time. I see that number dropping this year. Especially with how good our dbs are.

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Rams43104June 29, 2020 08:41AM

  A thought provoking post on this topic by oldnotdead...

Rams4345June 29, 2020 04:37PM

  Re: A thought provoking post on this topic by oldnotdead...

rampage66661June 29, 2020 05:39PM

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