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Re: Whitworth, Corbett

June 28, 2020 05:57AM
Caught the tail end of Sirius chatting Corbett; He has been working out with Whit at Whit's garage.

While Austin wasn't a particularly good speaker, I did appreciate that he's working with our LT to keep in shape.
Austin did remark that the new trainer is involved with them, and asked if he felt that he's in as good a shape without the benefit of OTAs, and offseason workouts, he felt that it was close

Does Austin have a starting role in this year's product? My question: Not one asked on the show.
Heck if I know.
You can rotate lots of other players around the position groups, but the OL isn't one of them (as a rule.)

It does appear from this vid that they've done a decent job of spreading folks out as best as possible inside the facility.

As much as I love the idea of them playing ball, this is going to be challenging.

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RamBill94June 26, 2020 06:28AM

  Re: Whitworth, Corbett

leafnose73June 28, 2020 05:57AM