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Re: First things first

March 25, 2020 05:22PM
It's TRUE were tight this year. I think that happened because they did not anticipate the need to sign AW again. However the Pat's currently have less space and the cheifs are actually over and that doesn't include extending mahomes at some point. Further they have 60 million available next year. Thus I think the cap management is fine and there's no need to point fingers at anyone.

Nevertheless in terms of your question it's a collaborative approach in general but ultimately it's the GMs job to put together the roster and that includes the allocation funds to players or positions.

It appears we are tight against the cap, with little flexibility. We've lost players who we claim we wanted that signed for reasonable amounts elsewhere. We cut NRC in a move that appears to have been cash related.
I'm not saying gloom & doom or that we're a sinking ship. Anything but. I'm just seeing fingers pointed that might be pointed at the wrong person.
Again I ask: Who sets the value of a player on this team? Who determines if they are/aren't worth keeping and at what price? Pretend we have a billion dollars cap room - who makes the final call? This is an honest question, I'm curious.

  Who sets player value?

3030176March 25, 2020 02:18PM

  First things first

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  Re: First things first

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  Re: First things first

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