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Re: We still don't have cap space to.....

March 25, 2020 07:00AM
How do you think they create space?

  11 best free agents still available for Rams

RamBill561March 25, 2020 06:56AM

  We still don't have cap space to.....

CROMWELL21152March 25, 2020 06:59AM

  Re: We still don't have cap space to.....

RAMpant Defense155March 25, 2020 07:00AM

  I would restructure Goff

ferragamo79124March 25, 2020 07:49AM

  Re: I would restructure Goff

RAMpant Defense125March 25, 2020 07:57AM

  maybe more cuts

ferragamo79116March 25, 2020 09:56AM

  Re: maybe more cuts

Deadhead Ram86March 25, 2020 10:44AM

  Re: maybe more cuts

CROMWELL2188March 25, 2020 10:55AM

  Re: maybe more cuts

Classicalwit61March 25, 2020 10:43PM

  KC and the Pats

PHDram42March 26, 2020 05:23AM

  I'll cut the Pats some slack they just ended

ferragamo7940March 26, 2020 07:09AM

  well thats my point

PHDram37March 26, 2020 07:40AM

  yeah way to go with your 3 winning seasons in a row - dopes

promomasterj69March 25, 2020 11:22AM

  Re: maybe more cuts

badgerdms40March 26, 2020 06:04AM

  We have five million coming off....

CROMWELL21161March 25, 2020 09:15AM

  Re: We have five million coming off....

Ram Fan Teacher106March 25, 2020 11:16AM

  I'd really love to know the actual net...

LMU9350March 26, 2020 05:29AM

  Over the cap has them at 6.9m

Hazlet Hacksaw51March 26, 2020 05:59AM

  Does not include Blythe or Floyd signing.

CROMWELL2141March 26, 2020 06:23AM