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Brady is either smart or blessed

March 25, 2020 03:39AM
I cannot believe he was able to land where he landed.

The Bucs were 3rd in the NFL in total offense last season without a very good quarterback. They have playmakers big time, play in a warm climate, and one of the top offensive coaches in the NFL.

Brady should be back on top with the perfect environment/setup.

Even with all of this perfect setup and even though his new coach is a great offensive coach, I believe he will still come up short because he will miss his former coach.

  Brady is either smart or blessed

Rams_81302March 25, 2020 03:39AM

  Re: Brady is either smart or blessed

rampage66664March 25, 2020 01:49PM

  He is probably both smart and blessed. nm.

stlramz39March 25, 2020 03:20PM