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Demoff to keep his word and read mean logo tweets

March 25, 2020 04:18AM
Rams' Kevin Demoff to read mean logo tweets after telethon raises over $2M

Cameron DaSilva
23 minutes ago

After unveiling their new logos and colors on Monday, the Los Angeles Rams and a local ABC affiliate held a virtual telethon to help raise money for the United Way’s coronavirus relief fund and food bank. Rams COO Kevin Demoff said before the telethon began that if more than $2 million was raised, he would read mean tweets about the team’s new logo.

Thanks to all of those who donated to the great cause, Demoff will stick to his word and now has to read some of the harshest comments about the polarizing logo.


Kevin Demoff
Amazing work @RamsNFL
fans & Los Angeles. Over $2m raised so far for @LAUnitedWay
to help those most in need from the CoronaVirus pandemic. We are keeping phones & website open through 9pm, but if you excuse me, time to go begin searching for some mean tweets to read!

Kevin Demoff


Our group is working to find the best tweets to read for Mean Tweets so that I see them for the first time when I read them. We will figure out the best way to share with you once they are chosen. Thank you for helping our friends in need

Demoff also tweeted that while he doesn’t have the final total on the money raised by the telethon, but he thanked everyone who called in and donated to the United Way to help those affected by the pandemic.

Based on the reactions to the logo, it shouldn’t be very hard for Demoff to find mean tweets to read. Just about every Rams fan on Twitter had something to say about it, most of which were negative and critical.

Many fans would rather see the team change the logo, but this will have to do for now.



  Demoff says he will show.....

ramithard715March 24, 2020 03:47PM

  Re: Demoff says he will show..... Attachments

ramithard200March 24, 2020 04:03PM

  Re: Demoff says he will show.....

MamaRAMa139March 24, 2020 04:12PM

  Re: Demoff says he will show.....

ramithard89March 24, 2020 04:16PM

  Utterly ridiculous

max156March 24, 2020 04:16PM

  Re: Utterly ridiculous

Deadhead Ram62March 24, 2020 06:16PM

  he needs to ramp it back a bit

ferragamo7999March 24, 2020 04:28PM

  What a joke...more Demoff shenanigans...... Attachments

ramithard139March 24, 2020 04:41PM

  Re: he needs to ramp it back a bit

MamaRAMa73March 24, 2020 05:45PM

  Re: he needs to ramp it back a bit

tonyde63March 24, 2020 05:56PM

  Re: he needs to ramp it back a bit

MamaRAMa63March 24, 2020 05:59PM

  suppose now he'll start trolling us for the next 2 months

IowaRam57March 24, 2020 06:10PM

  Demoff to keep his word and read mean logo tweets

MamaRAMa91March 25, 2020 04:18AM

  I saw a headline yesterday..

sstrams80March 25, 2020 04:28AM