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Re: Old News

January 13, 2020 06:32PM
During my last trip to Delphi, the oracle predicted that your daughters friends Ouija board would reveal the truth.

My son's 8 ball confirmed it.

Yupbeer cheer smiley

Seriously tho, I asked her to ask it what year the Rams will win the Super Bowl.....she reported back 2021

Combine that with Deadpools grill cheese and your sons 8 ball and the game will be played in their new stadium.... we're looking goodsst smiley


  Rams will win the Super Bowl next year !!!!

Rampage2K-349January 13, 2020 12:14PM

  Old News

stlramz128January 13, 2020 12:51PM

  I made a grilled cheese for lunch

Deadpool133January 13, 2020 12:56PM

  I saw...

Ramsfsninmd107January 13, 2020 02:13PM

  Re: Old News

Rampage2K-94January 13, 2020 06:32PM

  So did my grandkids fortune teller

NewMexicoRam84January 14, 2020 02:26AM