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Very nice post about Goff by oldnotdead...

December 02, 2019 03:18PM
Here’s oldnotdead...

The solution at this point is put a good o-line in front of Goff. He needs time to learn how to dissect defenses before the snap. To know what he sees, and what to expect. He's learning, how to be the elite QB he's capable of being. McVay is totally correct when he values accuracy above all else.

Arm strength is something that can be developed. I saw it in Brees as a Charger. His arm strength was "good enough" but it definitely needed to be improved upon. In his third year you began to see the improvement in his arm strength. Accuracy however is a different animal. You can improve accuracy only to a point. You need only look at Michael Vick and to a certain extent to Cam Newton. They both had cannon arms but inconsistent accuracy and both struggled with touch. Vick never really mastered touch, and to this day Cam struggles with his touch and accuracy.

Goff can be extremely accurate if his mechanics are good. He's really dropped some dimes at times. That is true talent. I've always liked Philip Rivers and he's put up a HOF type career. I've watched him since he was a rookie. I can say with all certainty that Goff is better at this stage of his career than Rivers was. Goff is a work in progress, but right now he's better than most. He's easily in the top 10 of QB's starting in the NFL. That is nothing to take for granted. That is good enough to win a Super Bowl with.

All QB's have times where they struggle. It's how they handle those moments. Last Sunday was a statement game for Goff. He came off two difficult games to hand in a gem. This game showed what he's capable of. All I can say is that those who want another QB because they think Goff is subpar don't know the NFL. They don't know or really understand the game.

They want the glamour an glitz of Mahomes or Jackson. But ignore you could more likely get a Murray or Baker. They ignore that history of the NFL has shown that running QB's have a shorter career. They ignore that the GOAT Brady is a pocket passer, as is Rodgers, as is Brees, as was Peyton Manning, etc etc.

I for one will simply enjoy watching Goff grow into his position and develop into one of the true elite talents at his position.

  Very nice post about Goff by oldnotdead...

Rams43477December 02, 2019 03:18PM

  Re: oldnotdead...

leafnose186December 02, 2019 03:33PM

  Best passes are to the sidelines

Hazlet Hacksaw117December 03, 2019 01:37AM

  Re: Best passes are to the sidelines

max89December 03, 2019 03:58AM

  seems to me that....

21Dog85December 03, 2019 04:03AM

  Re: seems to me that....

CraigMatson89December 03, 2019 04:15AM

  Re: seems to me that....

Hazlet Hacksaw71December 03, 2019 04:39AM

  Re: seems to me that....

waterfield64December 03, 2019 06:39AM

  simple premise and I agree

LMU9379December 03, 2019 04:28AM

  I agree with all of that w/one small caveat

Suh-weet!58December 03, 2019 02:41PM