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Re: To be fair...

December 02, 2019 09:28AM
Although 120+ yards came at the end of the game after being down 28-9. He was 7-for-17 midway through the 3rd quarter and had another INT called back on a penalty, and going into their final two drives he was 14-of-34. He is still obviously dangerous and the smartest QB in the NFL but physically he's declining fast.

  It's sad to see the demise of Brady

RamUK450December 02, 2019 05:17AM

  Re: He's getting pressure, and he's getting hit!

oldschoolramfan183December 02, 2019 05:21AM

  no Gronk....no other WRs besides Edelman

21Dog164December 02, 2019 05:24AM

  100% agree. O-line is the key.

NewMexicoRam100December 02, 2019 09:18AM

  LOL... except, not sure we have....

JamesJM155December 02, 2019 05:37AM

  Brady struggling

LMU93138December 02, 2019 05:45AM

  well based on this year I would say really good

Rams_81121December 02, 2019 05:48AM

  They Still almost pulled that game out.

den-the-coach90December 02, 2019 06:49AM

  Re: They Still almost pulled that game out.

Classicalwit82December 02, 2019 07:41AM

  To be fair...

moklerman95December 02, 2019 09:00AM

  Re: To be fair...

LMU9377December 02, 2019 09:28AM

  Re: To be fair...

moklerman69December 02, 2019 09:49AM

  Re: To be fair...

LMU9371December 02, 2019 10:51AM

  Re: To be fair...

moklerman80December 02, 2019 10:57AM

  Re: To be fair...

NorCalRamFan71December 02, 2019 12:36PM

  Re: To be fair...

moklerman82December 02, 2019 12:43PM

  I really think the Patriots are paper tigers....

SeattleRam72December 02, 2019 12:43PM

  Few great QB's walk away from the game.

SeattleRam90December 02, 2019 10:11AM

  Manning from Giants

Rams_81122December 02, 2019 10:34AM

  Re: Manning from Giants

moklerman97December 02, 2019 10:40AM


JimYoungblood5374December 02, 2019 12:47PM

  Re: It's sad to see the demise of Brady

george_allen80December 02, 2019 03:04PM