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TRANSCRIPT: Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin - Conference Call - November 6, 2019

November 06, 2019 02:45PM
TRANSCRIPT: Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin - Conference Call - November 6, 2019

(On how Pittsburgh has been able to get its record to 4-4 through eight games)
“We got off to a crappy September. We were better in November and found a little traction, found ways to get out of stadiums with wins. We’ve pulled to even. We don’t look for excuses for our current circumstance – they are what they are. Our job is to win games and early on we weren’t doing that.”

(On Pittsburgh winning the turnover battle this year more than it did last season)
“I don’t know that we’re doing things any differently in terms of schematics. I just think that we’re better positioned. I think any time that you get production in that area, it’s because you’re where you’re supposed to be, seeing what it is you’re supposed to see. That’s where our focus has been and I think we’ve been opportunistic because of it.”

(On if he ever sees DT Aaron Donald in the offseason at the University of Pittsburg’s training facility)
“I see him just about every day. He’s a worker, an early worker. If I don’t see him utilizing their facilities, I see him in the parking lot – things of that nature. I’ve had an opportunity to get to know him ever since he’s been 18 or 19-years old. I’m not surprised by the ridiculous success that he’s had. He’s unbelievably talented, and his work ethic and approach to business is probably equally impressive. It is a perfect storm, if you will.”

(On what’s it like to walk into a building with Donald’s name on it)
“That’s Pitt’s building not ours.”

(On if it’s just business as usual working in proximity to Donald)
“It’s not anything earth shattering. (Chiefs RB LeSean) ‘Shady’ McCoy was over there and worked out a lot. There’s a lot of guys that have played ball there that are now professionals – and things of that nature. It’s not in any way awkward.”

(On how Pittsburgh fans will respond to Donald)
“He will be well received because he is a member of our community. This is a guy that’s Pittsburgh born and raised. Went to (University of Pittsburgh) Pitt and is still very active in our community and is a big-time inspiration to the young people. Being a father of teenage boys, I’ve witnessed it. The way he works out alongside young people in the offseason and allows those guys to get close to him and see what work ethic is about and stuff is really inspirational. I think this community really loves him and always will because of those things, just how he conducts himself.”

(On what challenges Donald brings on the field and how he schemes against him)
“He needs no endorsement from me. He’s two-time Player of the Year.”

(On what has been the biggest development of Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster that sticks out in his mind over the last few years)
“I think he’s got a real good feel for the game. He’s a football player first and receiver second. There is not one specific skill set that defines his play. He’s good in and out of breaks, he’s good in terms of combat catches, he’s good without the ball in his hands. He’s just got a well-rounded game because he’s a football player.”

(On what he has seen from the Rams secondary and the difference now that they have CB Jalen Ramsey versus having Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters)
“I don’t know that there is yet. I think that will be continue to be revealed to us all as they play more and as he plays more and gets more familiar with what it is that they do. I think last week, being an off week, was probably a big week in that regard.”

(On if anything stands out to him about the Rams running game)
“They’re really talented.”

(On the Rams using RB Todd Gurley differently than they have in the past)
“I’m just not familiar with the past because you know obviously, we don’t play those guys every year. So, I don’t have a frame of reference.”

(On preparing to face the Gurley that the league has seen in the past or does he approach it a little different with the rotation that the Rams have)
“Again, somebody that plays them all the time is probably better equipped to answer that. I don’t have a frame of reference you’re referring to.”


  TRANSCRIPT: Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin - Conference Call - November 6, 2019

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