August 11, 2018 08:33AM
I think we all agree that moving the Rams to St Louis was hard to take. Especially when they changed the uni's and colors. It was almost as if they were trying to "erase" the L.A. and make the Rams all St louis.

Would it right that wrong if they just went back to the old LA style uni's that EVERYONE loved?? I bet the Rams would never have changed a thing if they would have stayed in L.A. to begin with so IMO a return to what should have never changed would be the perfect solution. I know it isn't gonna happen but to me, that would go a LONG way in making things right again. If the new uni's look too different (as Nike is known to do) the stench of the move will still remain. B+Y throwbacks twice a year might not be enough.

I don't think the move was hard to take. Many a poster stated they didn't care where the RAMS played....we are RAM fans. So it is more likely the move was hard for many LA residence...I think that is understandable. JUST like when the team moved back to LA, it was hard on many a St. Louis fan.

I also don't think the team was trying to erase any of their history. The color change in St. Louis wasn't much different than the several color changes the team did while in LA all those years. I had no problem with the change in uniform colors, as long as they left the most important part of the team alone....the helmet.....they were still blue and gold.

I don't see where anything has to be made "right" cause I don't think anything was wrong.

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  Would it "right the wrong"? (Another UNI thread lol)

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  Re: Would it "right the wrong"? (Another UNI thread lol)

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  Kill shot. nm

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  Re: Would it "right the wrong"? (Another UNI thread lol)

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  Was just being silly btw

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  Re: Was just being silly btw

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  Right on man

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  Re: Would it "right the wrong"? (Another UNI thread lol)

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  Re: Would it "right the wrong"? (Another UNI thread lol)

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  I just don't get it...

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  I haven't read a Aaron Donald thread in about three week

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