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An outstanding post regarding GRob by BonifayRam...

August 07, 2016 08:42AM
Here's BonifayRam...

I still have some concerned. Why did GRob get better late into the 2015 season? This question should have a few different takes flying in here for the more detailed fans......

The bad & the ugly

Grob opened is 2nd NFL season as a assigned starter @ OLT. GRob opened the season with four games next to another young OL'er & a rookie Jamon Brown. Brown looked real good for a rookie in those 4 games but GRob's play was dismal & going down hill fast. GRob plain & simple had very little clue what his blocking assignments' were from play to play. Boudreau emergency solution was to moved (what many here in this forum think is Rodger Saffold best playing position @ ORG) to start next to GRob so Saffold could convey verbally direct GRob what his block was each play. In addition Boudreau flip Brown to the right side a side he had not played in since his arrival @ Louisville in college. Plus Brown had never played the right OG post. Should I mention also that Brown is left hander.

This GRob solution caused some big issues in continuity in Game 5 against the Packers. Saffold was injured @ OLG early & was placed on the IR. The rookie Andrew Donnal replaced Saffold @ OLG & was manhandled most each & every play. Even Rhaney saw some action @ OLG but faired even worse. Meanwhile Brown was having issues himself with the new side & new starting post & had a bad game too. So the solution to help GRob resulted in continuing bad play now from 3 OL posts. After the bye wk 6 Boudreau inserted the veteran Garrett Reynolds to start @ OLG next to GRob.

With Garrett Reynolds next to Grob the Rams went on to win the next two games & were sitting @ 4-3 going into the Viking game week 9. Havenstein was unable to start due to a lower leg injury the Viking game. Forcing Boudreau to move & flip start Garrett Reynolds to ORT post thus leaving GRob without direction. Once again rookie Andrew Donnal was inserted next to GRob as a starter. This was Andrew Donnal's first official start even though he had played in relief of the injured Saffold back in wk 5. The left side Duo of GRob & Donnal turned into one big mess. GRob missed assignment after assignment. Donnal was tossed around like a rag doll. The Rams went on to loose this important Viking game & ripped off 5 straight looses in a row. Donnal was not activated the following week 10 due to his play.

Wk 10 against the Bears Boudreau badly needed Reynolds back @ OLG next to GRob. Havenstein still badly injured & who was hardly able to walk started @ ORT so Grob could get his direct on field supervision from Reynolds. During this game ORT Havenstein injured himself more severely & went out . Swing OT Darrell Williams replaced Havenstein @ ORT. Soon afterwards both starting ORG & ORT Brown/Williams were lost for the season (IR) on the same play. Reynolds was inserted in @ ORT for the injured Havenstein & Williams. Both Demetrius Rhaney & Cody Wichmann finished the game @ starting OG's. Rams lost 37 to 10.

Wk 11 against the Ravens Boudreau once again returned Garrett Reynolds back next to GRob @ OLG. Andrew Donnal now received the starting assignment for replacing Reynold's who replace Williams who replaced Havenstein @ ORT in wk 10. Cody Wichmann took over for Jamon Brown for the rest of the season @ ORG. By half time starting ORT Donnal suffered a badly grade 3 knee sprain & never dressed for another Ram game in 2015. Reynolds once again was moved away from GRob from the left side & inserted back @ ORT. Demetrius Rhaney was inserted next to GRob. The Rhaney GRob left side performance was just plain bad. Boudreau even flipped Wichmann over to the left side for a series at times next to Grob. But Rhaney's size @ ORG was way too much to overcome. Boudreau also had several new back ups Erik Kush/Brian Folkerts interior Ol'ers & Isaiah Battle swing OT. Rams lost this game. Wk 12 GRob was still without his personal play by play on field supervisor Garrett Reynolds who had to start @ ORT for the sill injured Havenstein. Rhaney was given his 1st NFL start @ OLG this week. Rams lost this game.

The Good

Wk 13 Rob Havenstein returned to start @ ORT thus giving Boudreau the opportunity to insert Garrett Reynolds back over to the left side with GRob @ OLT. The Right side of Wichmann & Havenstein began working well. This is about the time we begin to see GRob becoming more consistent with his blocks with many fewer whiffs occurring from the left side. Tim Barnes seems to be less worried & stressed which helped greatly on his making good line calls & the 5 player OL working together for the most part for the first time in the 2015 season.

In conclusion, I know I have been hard on GRob in this post but its how I saw it. Now... I do not have a real positive opinion on GRob as a future star @ OLT by himself. But I do think that if GRob is teamed with a good solid heady veteran LG who is willing to assist GRob early this season with understanding the proper OL calls & many quick reads before the play begins .....it will greatly assist him as he learns to be a solid OLT in the NFL. GRob should then have a very good successful season.

  An outstanding post regarding GRob by BonifayRam...

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