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Re: Watched Fisher on the next vid

August 07, 2016 06:49AM
Boy, he sure seems to be in high spirits!

Think he's happy to be back in LA???

I agree, Drew.

Fisher even looks like he's lost some weight. Lol.

Yeah, I think Fisher is happy with what he's seeing this camp from the top to the bottom of his roster.

Groh is instilling technique and detail in his WR's masterfully.
Goff is coming right along on schedule with the occasional flash.
Keenum is impressing which removes tremendous pressure to start Goff too early.
Gurley is 100% and is gonna be a beast.
Tavon has never looked better.
GRob is improving.
Higbee is an obvious big upgrade at pass catching TE.
WR has transitioned from a liability to a position of strength with Austin, Britt, Cooper, Thomas, Williams, Spruce, Marquez, and Quick all having a very good camp.
Mason will not be missed thanks to Cunningham, Brown, and Green as backups.
Quinn looks healthy once again.
Ogletree looks like he's doing very well at MLB.
Deep safety will be fine with one of 4 candidates, probably Mo claiming the starter position.
Snead has yet again found gems late and in UDFA. Maybe as many as 8-10 will make the 53 this year, truly a bumper crop.

Fisher's only real worry is currently the health of Gaines. But even if he has to go without having Gaines early, he still has TruJo, Joyner, Sensabaugh (reportedly having a strong camp), Roberson, Troy Hill, and the Washington kid.

Heck, even GZ is looking good.

Yup. Life is good for Fisher this summer. No doubt about it. He's back in LA and has every reason to feel confident.

I'm feeling pretty danged good these days, myself. Almost too much good news for this long suffering Ram fan. Lol.

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Speed_Kills732August 07, 2016 05:21AM

  Watched Fisher on the next vid

Drew2839473August 07, 2016 05:36AM

  Re: Watched Fisher on the next vid

Speed_Kills480August 07, 2016 06:29AM

  Re: Watched Fisher on the next vid

Rams43419August 07, 2016 06:49AM

  Agree with the weight-loss too

Drew2839430August 07, 2016 07:28AM

  I gotta see it first...

max526August 07, 2016 07:39AM

  Don't take my observation as enthusiasm

Drew2839385August 07, 2016 03:51PM